About Murrysville Trail Alliance

The Murrysville Trail Alliance (MTA) works to advance facilities and opportunities for recreational trail use in and around Murrysville.  Our interests span all types of trail-based recreation including walking, hiking, road/mountain/rail-trail biking, photography, and cross-country skiing. 

Living in a beautiful area with exceptional parks and open spaces, we work to support and enhance them and expand easy and safe pedestrian and bike access to them.  We believe in the value of recreational trails to strengthen our community by connecting neighborhoods to each other, to parks, and to local businesses and other destinations.  We recognize the value of parks and trails to bring people together, strengthen families, and as an important element of quality of life and sustainable economic vitality for a community. 

We recognize the health and happiness benefits of exercise and enjoyment of nature, and value the personal and community benefits of active (human powered) transportation.

Current board members are  Betsy AikenCharlie BeardDonna BeardSusan KarasTom Ronksley,  and Buzz Wichmann.

Please contact us, or join us for an activity or a meeting!  We invite your participation and welcome your ideas about how to advance facilities or opportunities for trail-based recreation.


Most of the photographs featured throughout this website were entries over the years from the Murrysville Photo Contest.  (Please note that the photos shown on the website may change.)  Photographers whose work is or has been shown on this website are:

Abby Sklencar, Alison Mock, Alyson Holt, Andrew Johnson, Angela Warfsman, Betsy Aiken, Bob Bickers, Buzz Wichmann, Cary Bohl, Doug Bauman, Cary Bohl, Chelsea Walker, Cheryl Ceol, Chris Sartain, Clare McCarthy, Clarence Skena, Dale Matuza, David Calafiore, Diane Storrick, Domenic Angelo, Donald Whirlow, Doug Bauman, Ed Gerstenhaber, Ed Straub, Elise Francken, Eugen Bolch, Ginna Bartlett, Griffin van de Venne, Ian Bodner, Isabel Snyder, Jan Bollinger, Jan Capasso, Janice Fiorina, Jeff McKenna, Jeff McMahill, Jeff Richards, Jill Germanoski, John Negich, John Sopko, John Wizzard, Joyce Frost, Kaitlyn Sacherich, Kelly Ackerman, Kristen Miller, Larry Nicolette, Lee Taddonio, Lindsey Powers, Lori Fitzgerald, Maira Khwaja, Mariella Taddonio, Mark Jackson, Mary Ellen Kendgia, Maureen Busche, Megan Tomley, Melissa DeStefano, Nancy Zalevsky, Pat Comas, Rhonda Miller, Rhonda Wexler, Richard Hrivnak, Rob Cronauer, Robert Pitulski, Sarah Fiscus, Stephen Frost, Susan Karas, Susan Miller, Theo van de Venne, Theresa Wubben, Vanessa Saxton, W. Michael Ley, Walter Gladkowski, and Zoe Miller.

Videographers whose work is shown on this website are Mike Elchik and Colin Sheehy.

The MTA's Park Maps have been prepared by Loree Speedy, based on Geographic Information System mapping completed by Loree and several MTA volunteers.

The map of the Don Harrison Community Trail was provided by the Westmoreland Conservancy.

Paul Lanquist prepared the lovely Murrysville Trail Alliance poster featuring the bridge in Duff Park (shown at various places throughout this website).

If we've omitted an acknowledgement, please let us know!  Thank you!