Murrysville Trail Plan


The Murrysville Trail Plan was developed to support safely connecting Murrysville's neighborhoods to each other and to Murrysville parks, schools, and other community destinations.  When preparing this Plan the MTA built upon Murrysville's long history of highly valuing trails, parks, and open space.

As land has been developed in Murrysville, the municipality has secured many parcels of open space and many trail easements.  The Murrysville Trail Plan identifies potential alignments for trails and greenways, making use of these parcels of open space and trail easements.  The Plan makes several specific recommendations to strengthen the community's building of a trail network.  The Plan also outlines ways to make certain Murrysville roads more friendly for cycling and walking.

Murrysville Trail Plan, dated March 14, 2012 (updated February 19, 2013)