Fun ways to participate – Improving our Community

The MTA has developed a Murrysville Trail Plan to improve our community by safely connecting neighborhoods to each other and to our parks, schools, and other destinations.  The Plan includes maps and recommendations for trails, and to make certain Murrysville roads more friendly for cycling and walking.  The Plan envisions a community-wide network of trails, based on a horizontal spine of the Turtle Creek Extension of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail.  The Plan is intended to be dynamic - to be updated and refined on an continuing basis.  If the Murrysville Trail Plan interests you, we welcome your involvement!  Activities include spreading the word and advancing the Plan's implementation.
The MTA helps out with the Murrysville March For Parks (MFP).  The MFP is an annual event in late March of Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation, to have fun while raising funds for parks and trails.  The Murrysville location of the MFP focuses on construction of the Turtle Creek Extension of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail.  There are many ways to help out - organizing, donating food or auction items, creating “Teams”, sponsoring or participating, or volunteering on the day of the March.  Please join us - and if you like, pitch in!  If you come to the March be sure to stop by the MTA Table.
The MTA supports the Westmoreland Heritage Trail (WHT) Chapter of the Regional Trail Corporation.  This group of volunteers manages and maintains the Westmoreland Heritage Trail from Saltsburg to Slickville to Athena Drive in Delmont, as well as the Turtle Creek Extension of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail.  The WHT group meets monthly on second Thursday evenings.  Activities include trail maintenance and monitoring, publicity and outreach, and fund raising.  In late winter the WHT group co-hosts a popular comedy night as a fund raiser.  The WHT group also helps extensively with the Murrysville March For Parks.  
The MTA supports the Turtle Creek Greenway Plan.  This Greenway, anchored by the Turtle Creek Extension of the WHT, will be a superlative recreational/natural amenity for Murrysville and the surrounding communities. The MTA also supports other improvements to our community and area to encourage appreciation and enjoyment of nature and the outdoors.  We welcome your ideas and participation!  If you’d like to know more, please email Thanks to all who help to improve our community!